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Fantastic Fest 365

1h 40m Comedy, Horror 2021
The Black Phone
1h 42m Drama, Horror 2022
The Long Walk
1h 56m Drama, Thriller 2022
The House of the Devil
1h 35m Horror 2009
I Am a Knife with Legs
1h 23m Musical, Comedy 2014
1h 37m Thriller, Drama 2019
Stand By For Tape Backup
1h 5m Performance, Documentary 2015
1h 44m Drama 2012
1h 16m Thriller 2021
Wake In Fright
1h 49m Drama, Thriller 1971
1h 35m Crime, Drama 2019
The Invitation
1h 40m Drama, Mystery 2015
1h 59m Drama, Supernatural 2015
Last Night in Soho
1h 57m Drama, Horror 2021
Goldberg & Eisenberg
1h 30m Comedy, Fantastic Fest 2013
1h 29m Documentary, Action 2015
Troll Hunter
1h 53m Drama, Fantasy 2010
Black Christmas
1h 38m Horror, Mystery 2019
1h 25m Horror 2021
Come to Daddy
1h 33m Thriller, Black Comedy 2020
The Wolf of Snow Hollow
1h 23m Horror, Comedy 2020
Action USA
1h 29m Action 1989
Mickey Reece Six Pack
6 items
Belle Île
27m Documentary 2020
Strike Dear Mistress and Cure His Heart!
1h 11m Drama, Mystery 2018
Best of Fantastic Fest Six Pack
6 items
24x36: A Movie About Movie Posters
1h 22m Documentary, History 2016
The ABCs of Death
1h 50m Comedy, Fantasy 2013
The ABCs of Death 2
2h 5m Comedy, Horror 2014
The American Scream
1h 31m Documentary 2012
The Assassin
1h 45m Drama, Martial Arts 2015
The Bad Batch
1h 58m Drama, Horror 2017
Bad Black
1h 9m Action, Cult 2016
Big Man Japan
1h 53m Action, Comedy 2007
Blood Lake
1h 22m Comedy, Dark Humor 1987
2h 0m Comedy, Drama 2018
1h 55m Horror, Thriller 2010
1h 53m Fantasy, Drama 2013
1h 32m Action, Crime 2008
1h 14m Documentary, Danish 2016
Butt Boy
1h 39m Comedy, Thriller 2020
2h 9m Drama 2011
2h 28m Drama, Thriller 2019
Buster's Mal Heart
1h 36m Drama, Thriller 2017
Call of Heroes
2h 0m Action, Martial Arts 2016
Cheap Thrills
1h 28m Horror, Thriller 2013
1h 50m Action, Drama 2009
Cold Sweat
1h 20m Horror 2010
Confetti of the Mind
57m Comedy, Drama 2014
The Congress
2h 2m Animation, Drama 2013
The Connection
2h 15m Drama, Action 2013
Dangerous Men
1h 20m Action, Cult 2005
DEADGIRL (Unrated Version)
1h 42m Horror 2009
Drug Stories
1h 20m Anthology, Comedy 2018
Down Terrace
1h 29m Crime, Drama 2010
1h 22m Drama, Thriller 2005
The Endless
1h 52m Horror, Science Fiction 2018
Fantastic Planet
1h 12m Fantasy, Animation 1973
A Field In England
1h 30m Drama, Fantasy 2013
The Final Member
1h 15m Documentary 2012
First Love
1h 48m Crime, Drama 2019
Flash Point
1h 28m Action, Martial Arts 2007
The FP
1h 22m Action, Comedy 2011
The FP 2
1h 29m Drama, Science Fiction 2019
The Golden Glove
1h 50m Crime, Drama 2019
1h 24m Thriller, Action 2012
The Greasy Strangler
1h 33m Comedy, Horror 2016
1h 28m Fantasy 1977
1h 36m Thriller, Action 2011
History of Future Folk
1h 25m Comedy, Musical 2012
1h 32m Horror, Thriller 2014
House of Sweat and Tears
1h 44m Horror, Drama 2018
The Host
2h 0m Action, Drama 2007
I Declare War
1h 34m Drama, Action 2012
I Saw the Devil
2h 31m Action, Crime 2010
Ip Man 2
1h 48m Drama, Martial Art 2011
Journey to the West
1h 50m Fantasy, Action 2013
The Keeping Room
1h 35m Drama, Western 2015
1h 33m Comedy 2010
Klown Forever
1h 39m Comedy 2015
1h 33m Action, Comedy 2008
Knives Out
2h 11m Mystery, Comedy 2019
Let the Corpses Tan
1h 32m Thriller 2017
Let the Right One In
1h 55m Drama, Romance 2008
Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau
1h 37m Documentary, Adventure 2014
The Lure
1h 32m Fantasy, Drama 2015
Machete Maidens Unleashed!
1h 24m Documentary, Exploitation 2010
Madam Yankelova’s Fine Literature Club
1h 28m Horror, Drama 2017
0m Horror, Science Fiction 2011
1h 30m Action, Thriller 2012
The Man From Nowhere
1h 59m Crime, Action 2010
Man From Reno
1h 51m Mystery, Thriller 2014
1h 27m Horror, Exploitation 1980
Men And Chicken
1h 44m Comedy, Drama 2015
1h 26m Science Fiction, Animation 2010
Miami Connection
1h 23m Action, Cult 1987
The Missing Girl
1h 29m Drama, Mystery 2015
Mood Indigo
1h 37m Drama 2014
My Friend Dahmer
1h 47m Biography, Drama 2017
Nail in the Coffin: The Fall and Rise of Vampiro
1h 28m Documentary, Wrestling 2020
No Rest for the Wicked
1h 54m Drama, Thriller 2012
1h 14m Drama, Horror 2014
Norwegian Ninja
1h 17m Comedy, Action 2010
Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!
1h 43m Documentary, Action 2008
Nothing Bad Can Happen
1h 50m Drama 2013
2h 11m Drama, Thriller 2019
The Peanut Butter Solution
1h 33m Cult, Adventure 1985
1h 39m comedy, drama 2013
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
1h 24m Action, Adventure 2011
1h 28m Martial Arts, Action 2014
1h 48m Action, Horror 2017
1h 42m Adventure, Comedy 1981
1h 22m Absurdist, Comedy 2010
1h 36m Comedy, Horror 2006
Sleep Tight
1h 42m Thriller 2011
Sleepless Night
1h 43m Thriller 2011
Slut In a Good Way
1h 29m Comedy, Romance 2019
The Soultangler
1h 2m Cult, Drugs 1987
1h 49m Horror, Romance 2014
1h 38m Horror, Science Fiction 2010
The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears
1h 42m Thriller 2013
Tammy and the T-Rex
1h 30m Cult 1993
Taxi Hunter
1h 29m Thriller, Drama 1993
1h 32m Science Fiction, Mystery 2007
Top Knot Detective
1h 26m Cult, Martial Arts 2017
The Tribe
2h 11m Drama 2014
Turbo Kid
1h 35m Action, Adventure 2015
2h 20m Drama, Action 2015
Violence Voyager
1h 23m Animation, Adventure 2018
The Wailing
2h 37m Horror 2016
The Wave
1h 27m Science Fiction, Thriller 2020
Who Killed Captain Alex?
1h 4m Action, Comedy 2010
Why Don't You Just Die!
1h 39m Comedy, Action 2019
Why Don't You Play In Hell?
2h 9m Action, Comedy 2013
Wolfman's Got Nards
1h 31m Documentary, Horror 2018
The World of Kanako
1h 58m Drama, Mystery 2014
1h 34m Comedy 2012
Venus Drowning
1h 15m Horror, Science Fiction 2006
1h 12m Comedy 2019
The Zodiac Killer
1h 27m Crime, Cult 1971
Zombie Girl
1h 29m Documentary 2009

New Releases

1h 47m Comedy, Mystery 2022
1h 40m Comedy, Horror 2021
Jurassic World: Dominion
2h 27m Action, Adventure 2022
The Black Phone
1h 42m Drama, Horror 2022
Brian and Charles
1h 30m Comedy 2022
Lux Æterna
51m Drama, Thriller 2022
The Northman
2h 20m Action, Adventure 2022
The Bad Guys
1h 40m Action, Adventure 2022
2h 17m Action, Drama 2022
Anaïs in Love
1h 38m Romance 2022
You Won't Be Alone
1h 48m Drama, Horror 2022
Jackass Forever
1h 36m Action, Comedy 2022
The Outfit
1h 45m Crime, Drama 2022
The Burning Sea
1h 44m Drama, Thriller 2022
You Are Not My Mother
1h 33m Drama, Horror 2022
Marry Me
1h 52m Comedy, Musical 2022
Studio 666
1h 50m Comedy, Horror 2022
The Long Walk
1h 56m Drama, Thriller 2022
1h 23m Drama 2022
The 355
2h 2m Action, Thriller 2022
Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn
1h 46m Comedy, Drama 2021
A Taste of Hunger
1h 40m Drama, Romance 2022
Dawn Raid
1h 38m Biography, Musical 2021
Dune (2021)
2h 35m Action & Adventure, Drama 2021
National Champions
1h 56m Drama, Sport 2021
1h 39m Drama, Mystery 2021
1h 33m Horror 2021
El Planeta
1h 19m Comedy 2021
1h 37m Drama 2021
Last Night in Soho
1h 57m Drama, Horror 2021
1h 32m Drama 2021
1h 16m Thriller 2021
Coming Home in the Dark
1h 33m Thriller, Horror 2021
Cosmic Candy
1h 35m Fantasy 2019
1h 48m Action, Crime 2021
Blue Bayou
1h 53m Drama 2021
1h 40m Drama 2021
The Card Counter
1h 49m Drama, Thriller 2021
Best Sellers
1h 42m Comedy, Drama 2021
1h 31m Drama, Horror 2021
Yakuza Princess
1h 51m Action, Thriller 2021
The Truffle Hunters
1h 24m Documentary, Award Winning 2021
1h 35m Animation 2021
2h 20m Crime, Drama 2021
Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins
2h 1m Action, Adventure 2021
Swan Song
1h 45m Drama 2021
The East
2h 17m Drama, Thriller 2021
Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain
1h 58m Documentary 2021
F9: The Fast Saga
2h 25m Action, Adventure 2021
1h 17m Comedy, Fantasy 2021
The Forever Purge
1h 43m Action, Horror 2021
A Quiet Place Part II
1h 37m Drama, Horror 2021
The Sparks Brothers
2h 15m Documentary, Musical 2021
First Date
1h 43m Comedy, Crime 2021
1h 24m Horror 2021
1h 35m Crime, Drama 2019
Spiral: From the Book of Saw
1h 33m Crime, Horror 2021
1h 45m Mystery, Thriller 2021
Wrath of Man
1h 58m Action, Comedy 2021
Fantastic Fest Presents: Seance
1h 32m Horror, Mystery 2021
Queen Bees
1h 40m Comedy 2021
Riders of Justice
1h 52m Action, Comedy 2021
Blast Beat
1h 45m Drama 2021
Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street
1h 47m Documentary 2021
About Endlessness
1h 16m Drama, Fantasy 2021
1h 48m Adventure, Thriller 2021
1h 25m Horror 2021
Beast Beast
1h 25m Drama 2021
1h 32m Action, Thriller 2021
Shiva Baby
1h 17m Comedy 2021
Another Round
1h 57m Drama 2020
1h 12m Documentary 2021
The Father
1h 37m Drama, Mystery 2021
1h 49m Documentary 2020
Two of Us
1h 35m Comedy, Drama 2021
Promising Young Woman
1h 53m Comedy, Crime 2020
1h 35m Thriller, Dark Humor 2021
1h 29m Drama, Sport 2021
Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar
1h 47m Comedy 2021
Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan
2h 4m Biography, Documentary 2020
1h 29m Drama 2021
17 Blocks
1h 36m Documentary 2019
76 Days
1h 33m Documentary 2020
2h 0m Drama, Romance 2020
Willy's Wonderland
1h 28m Action, Adventure 2021
A Glitch in the Matrix
1h 48m Documentary 2021
Psycho Goreman
1h 35m Science Fiction, Action 2021
News of the World
1h 58m Action, Adventure 2020
Our Friend
2h 4m Drama 2021
Master Pancake - Invasion of the Bee Girls
1h 41m Comedy 2020
43m Music, performance 2021
Some Kind of Heaven
1h 23m Documentary 2020
Lucky Grandma
1h 27m Comedy, Drama 2020
Save Yourselves
2h 9m Comedy 2020
1h 41m Comedy, Horror 2020
Black Bear
1h 44m Drama 2020
1h 46m Comedy 2020
Call Me Brother
1h 18m Comedy 2020
The High Note
1h 53m Comedy, Drama 2020
The King of Staten Island
2h 17m Comedy, Drama 2020
Survival Skills
1h 28m Horror, Comedy 2020
1h 33m Documentary 2020
1h 30m Action, Adventure 2020
Virtual Cinema: Coronation
1h 55m Documentary 2020
Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison
1h 33m Comedy 2020

Curated Series

The Films of Radu Jude
GroundUP Music Silent Classics Six-Pack
6 items
XOXO, Alamo
The Matrix Collection
Licorice Pizza Mixtape
Fantastic Fest 365
Guest Selects: Edgar Wright
Guest Selects: Grady Hendrix
Guest Selects: Delilah S. Dawson
Guest Selects: Josh Malerman
Guest Selects: Chuck Wendig
M. Night Shyamalan - Guest Selects
The Sparks Bros Collection
The Mads Mikkelsen Six Pack
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Danish Docs Six Pack
6 items
Greetings from Los Angeles
No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Alamo Dankhouse
And The Nominees are...
The Best of Danish Cinema
CR Capers "Vanguard Collection"
TUFF - Texas Union Film Festival 2021
Night Creatures
Zack Carlson's Picks

Recently Added

1h 38m Documentary 2018
Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock W/ Bonus Q&A
1h 38m Documentary, Biography 2016
1h 33m Comedy, Drama 2011
The Midnight Swim
1h 24m Mystery, Horror 2014
2001: A Space Odyssey
2h 40m Science Fiction 1968
The Matrix Revisited
2h 3m Science Fiction, Documentary 2001
The Matrix
2h 16m Action, Sci-Fi 1999
Shaolin Soccer
1h 27m Action, Comedy 2001
1h 49m Drama, Comedy 1975
1h 46m Drama, Romance 1973
Home for the Holidays
1h 58m Comedy, Drama 1995
The Matrix Revolutions
2h 9m Science Fiction 2003
A Christmas Story
1h 34m Comedy, Family 1983
The Matrix Reloaded
2h 18m Science Fiction 2003
Climate of the Hunter
1h 30m Horror, Mystery 2019
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
1h 52m Action, Comedy 2010
The World's End
1h 49m Action, Comedy 2013
Point Break
2h 2m Action, Crime 1991
The Addams Family With More Mamushka!
1h 41m Comedy, Horror 1991
All Good Things
1h 41m Thriller, Drama 2010
The Guilty
1h 25m Thriller, Drama 2018
1h 31m Action, Thriller 1986
King of New York
1h 43m Crime, Thriller 1990
Fist of Fury
1h 47m Action, Adventure 1972
The Heroic Trio
1h 28m Adventure, Action 1993
The Heroic Trio 2: Executioners
1h 37m Action, Adventure 1993
The Lovebirds
1h 26m Action, Comedy 2020
1h 47m Comedy 1987
Danish Docs Six Pack
6 items
The Mads Mikkelsen Six Pack
6 items
2h 20m Drama, Action 2015
Ingrid Goes West
1h 37m Comedy, Drama 2017
1h 38m Adventure, Comedy 1968
A Quiet Place
1h 30m Thriller, Horror 2018
Better Luck Tomorrow
1h 41m Crime, Drama 2002
Racer and the Jailbird
2h 10m Drama, Romance 2017
1h 32m Comedy 1994
Ip Man: Kung Fu Master
1h 24m Action 2020
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
1h 44m Comedy 2001
Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin
1h 31m Comedy, Music 1983
Muscle Shoals
1h 51m Documentary, Biography 2013
1h 35m Action, Crime 2002
Stranger Than Paradise
1h 29m Drama, Comedy 1984
1h 47m Adventure, Animation 2011
Waltz with Bashir
1h 30m Animation, Biography 2008
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
1h 44m Action, Crime 2006
2 Fast 2 Furious
1h 47m Action, Crime 2003
Fast & Furious 6
2h 10m Action, Adventure 2013
Stage Mother
1h 33m Comedy, Drama 2020
Wild Things
1h 48m Thriller 1998
Spaceship Earth
1h 55m Documentary 2020
2h 11m Drama, Thriller 2019
The Crow
1h 42m Action, Crime 1994
Bustin' Loose
1h 34m Comedy, Drama 1981
American Teen
1h 35m Documentary 2008
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
2h 2m Drama, Romance 2020
An American Tail
1h 20m Adventure, Animation 1986
Butt Boy
1h 39m Comedy, Thriller 2020
The Ultimate Klown
8 items

Weird Wednesday

Bird With the Crystal Plumage
1h 38m Giallo, Horror 1970
1990: The Bronx Warriors
1h 32m Action, Science Fiction 1982
Death Laid an Egg
1h 30m Giallo, Horror 1968
The Sword and the Claw
1h 49m Action, Adventure 1975
They Call Me Bruce
1h 27m Comedy, Kung Fu 1982
The Peanut Butter Solution
1h 33m Cult, Adventure 1985
The Happiness of the Katakuris
1h 53m Comedy, Cult 2001
1h 45m Adventure, Fantasy 1985
1h 32m Horror, Science Fiction 1988
Alley Cat
1h 22m Action, Thriller 1984
Ator: The Fighting Eagle
1h 38m Action, Fantasy 1982
Bad Black
1h 9m Action, Cult 2016
The Dark
1h 31m Horror, Thriller 1979
Day of the Animals
1h 39m Horror, Adventure 1977
Don't Go in the House
1h 29m Horror, Exploitation 1980
Fleshpot on 42nd Street
1h 27m Drama, Exploitation 1973
Glen or Glenda
1h 5m Cult, Dark Humor 1953
Godmonster of Indian Flats
1h 29m Cult, Science Fiction 1973
1h 31m Horror, Exploitation 1976
The Hills Have Eyes
1h 30m Horror, Thriller 1977
Invasion of the Bee Girls
1h 26m Horror, Science Fiction 1973
1h 27m Comedy, Teen 1983
Master of the Flying Guillotine
1h 21m Action, Martial Arts 1976
Miami Connection
1h 23m Action, Cult 1987
Ms. 45
1h 20m Thriller, Cult 1981
The Muthers
1h 41m Action 1976
Pit Stop
1h 31m Action, Exploitation 1969
Reefer Madness
1h 8m Exploitation 1936
1h 42m Adventure, Comedy 1981
1h 35m Horror 1977
Sister Street Fighter
1h 32m Action, Exploitation 1974
Sweet Sugar
1h 26m Action 1972
The Swinging Cheerleaders
1h 31m Comedy, Exploitation 1974
Tammy and the T-Rex
1h 30m Cult 1993
Vampyros Lesbos
1h 29m Horror, Cult 1971
The Violent Years
57m Exploitation 1956
The Visitor
1h 48m Science Fiction, Cult 1979
Wake In Fright
1h 49m Drama, Thriller 1971
Who Killed Captain Alex?
1h 4m Action, Comedy 2010

Terror Tuesday

The Crow
1h 42m Action, Crime 1994
The Host
2h 0m Action, Drama 2007
Black Christmas
1h 38m Horror 1974
Season of the Witch
2h 10m Horror, Cult 1972
1h 44m Horror, Comedy 1985
Train to Busan
1h 58m Horror, Drama 2016
1h 35m Horror 1971
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
1h 29m Comedy, Horror 2010
1h 55m Horror, Drama 1999
Basket Case
1h 31m Horror, Cult 1982
1h 34m Horror 1972
Bird With the Crystal Plumage
1h 38m Giallo, Horror 1970
1h 35m Horror, Alien 1980
Blood Lake
1h 22m Comedy, Dark Humor 1987
Body Melt
1h 23m Horror, Ozsploitation 1993
Brain Damage
1h 26m Horror, Cult 1989
Bride of Re-Animator
1h 36m Horror 1990
Centipede Horror
1h 31m Cult, Dark Humor 1982
The Changeling
1h 47m Horror 1980
City of the Living Dead
1h 33m Horror 1980
The Crazies
1h 40m Horror 1973
Cutting Class
1h 31m Horror 1989
Dark Water
1h 41m Horror, Drama 2002
Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
1h 20m Cult, Horror 1977
1h 28m Horror, Cult 1974
Deep Red
2h 7m Horror, Cult 1975
Death Spa
1h 28m Horror, Cult 1989
Demon Wind
1h 38m Horror, Cult 1989
The Driller Killer
1h 36m Horror, Cult 1979
Edge of the Axe
1h 31m Horror 1988
Evil Ed
1h 33m Horror, Comedy 1995
Evil of Dracula
1h 27m Horror 1974
The Hills Have Eyes
1h 30m Horror, Thriller 1977
Horror Express
1h 31m Horror, Science Fiction 1972
I Saw the Devil
2h 31m Action, Crime 2010
1h 46m Horror, Cult 1980
Lake of Dracula
1h 22m Horror, Mystery 1971
Let the Right One In
1h 55m Drama, Romance 2008
1h 29m Horror 1981
1h 27m Horror, Exploitation 1980
The Mutilator
1h 26m Horror, Exploitation 1984
The Neon Slime Mixtape
1h 12m Alien, Anthology 2019
Ninja Zombie
1h 27m Cult, Feature 1992
One Dark Night
1h 32m Horror 1983
One Missed Call
1h 52m Horror 2003
1h 56m Horror 1985
1h 31m Horror 1977
Raw Meat
1h 27m Horror, Cult 1972
1h 35m Horror 1998
Runaway Nightmare
1h 34m Comedy, Horror 1982
Shock Waves
1h 25m Horror 1977
The Slayer
1h 30m Horror 1982
1h 39m Horror, Cult 1989
The Soultangler
1h 2m Cult, Drugs 1987
1h 25m Horror 1985
1h 30m Horror, Cult 1987
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
1h 23m Horror 1974
1h 23m Horror, Cult 1989
Troll Hunter
1h 53m Drama, Fantasy 2010
The Vampire Doll
1h 25m Horror, Occult 1970
Wicked World
1h 41m Cult, Dark Humor 1991
The Zodiac Killer
1h 27m Crime, Cult 1971
1h 31m Horror, Cult 1980
Zombie 3
1h 24m Horror, Cult 1988

Alamo X Criterion

Babette's Feast
1h 43m Drama 1987