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Ari Aster Six Pack #2

6 films

We invited director Ari Aster (Midsommar, Hereditary) to explore the archives of Alamo on Demand and curate a six pack. Not only did he accept the challenge, he compiled not one but two six-packs of films he loved and wanted to recommend. When asked to describe his curatorial process and the logic behind the decisions, he responded thoughtfully and succinctly, using the vernacular of today (description below):

Nothing Means Anything! enter image description here

Content included in this bundle

Burning (2019)
Drama, Thriller 2h 28m 2019
Wake In Fright (1971)
Drama, Thriller 1h 49m 1971
Mother (2009)
Crime, Drama, Thriller 2h 9m 2009
The Untamed (2016)
Drama, Horror, Science Fiction 1h 40m 2016
Santa Sangre (1989)
Arthouse, Cult 2h 3m 1989
The Act of Killing (2013)
Documentary 1h 55m 2013

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