Best of Fantastic Fest Six Pack

  • 6 films

The 2020 edition of “The Best of Fantastic Fest” six pack is 25% off through Sept 30th!

Designed to simultaneously introduce you with the weird-and-wonderful world of Fantastic Fest AND to showcase some of the most entertaining, amusing, eye-popping and out-there cinema on the platform, this six-pack is a ready-to-consume package of flawless entertainment, several of these films are exclusive to Alamo On Demand!

Content included in this bundle

Big Man Japan (2007)
  • Action, Comedy
  • 1h 53m
Norway (2014)
  • Drama, Horror
  • 1h 14m
Patrick (2019)
  • Thriller, Drama
  • 1h 37m
First Love (2019)
  • Crime, Drama
  • 1h 48m
History of Future Folk (2012)
  • Comedy, Musical
  • 1h 25m
Let the Corpses Tan (2017)
  • Thriller
  • 1h 32m