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Danish Crime Six Pack

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Is it the long winter nights? Is it the lack of crime in Denmark that stirs fantasies of rich, intricate criminal plots? Nobody can say for sure, but without a doubt Denmark has a long and strong tradition of delivering some of the most exceptional crime movies on the planet. We have curated a fun mix of deep, dark knuckle-biters alongside a selection of distinctly Danish crime comedies. All six are amazing films and will leave you searching for more. And there is PLENTY more.

FLICKERING LIGHTS (2000, Director: Anders Thomas Jensen) Anders Thomas Jensen’s directorial debut features an ensemble cast of what would turn out to be long-time creative collaborators. After one last heist, four gangsters (Mads Mikkelsen, Soren Pilmark, Ulrich Thomsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas) want to settle down and open a restaurant together, but it isn’t quite so easy to leave the game.

**THE GUILTY **(2018, Director: Gustav Möller) A horrific crime; an emergency responder struggling to stay off the edge; a kidnapping victim calling in for help. This is all we’re going to tell you about first-time feature filmmaker Gustav Möller’s unmissable and gripping debut thriller.

IN CHINA THEY EAT DOGS (2000, Director: Lasse Spang Olsen ) Arvid’s girlfriend leaves him because he is dull. To win her back, he stops a robbery, masterminds one of his own and then keeps on rolling. An absolutely rollicking thrill ride with sharp humor, outrageous characters and blistering action.

THE OLSEN GANG SEES RED (1976, Director: Erik Balling) The Danish cultural phenomenon, the legendary Olsen Gang, have an elaborate and brilliant plan to steal a priceless Ming Vase. What could go wrong? These same actors (playing the same roles) made 14 films together over a span of 30 years. See the magic of the Olsen Gang for the first time ever in the US, exclusively on Alamo on Demand.

PUSHER III (2005, Director: Nicolas Winding Refn) The third of Nicolas Winding Refn’s PUSHER trilogy (and his personal favorite of the electric trilogy) finds the head of the Copenhagen underworld fighting for dominance when ecstasy hits the scene.

R (2011, director: Tobias Lindholm) Shot in a shut-down penitentiary with real ex-convicts and ex-guards cast in their actual roles, R is a powerful, visceral expression of prison life and both the community and criminal business it fosters.

Content included in this bundle

In China They Eat Dogs
1h 31m Exclusive to Alamo on Demand, Action 1999
Flickering Lights
1h 49m Action, Comedy 2000
The Olsen Gang Sees Red
1h 40m Exclusive to Alamo on Demand, Comedy 1976
The Guilty
1h 25m Thriller, Drama 2018
Pusher III: I'm the Angel of Death
1h 48m Crime, Thriller 2005
1h 30m Exclusive to Alamo On Demand, Drama 2011

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