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Dogme 95 Six Pack

6 films

The concept behind Dogme 95 was a “purification” of cinema, stripping away the artifice, technology, and, very pointedly, big studio influence. With no gimmicks, no post-production, no special effects, no sets, no sync-sound, and no artificial lighting, Dogme 95 films were intended to be a pure expression of the art of storytelling. Only a scant 31 films from 1998 to 2005 are officially recognized Dogme 95 films; the movement “disbanded” in 2005. But the influence, ideas, and philosophy influenced countless filmmakers in the movement’s wake and helped to reshape the aesthetic of modern independent cinema.

The two centerpiece films are the first two films of the movement, directed by the founders of the movement: Thomas Vinterberg’s THE CELEBRATION and Lars Von Trier’s THE IDIOTS. THE IDIOTS, THE CELEBRATION and Dogme 95 #18 TRULY HUMAN are exclusively available on Alamo on Demand.

Content included in this bundle

The Celebration (1998)
Dark Comedy 1h 46m 1998
The Idiots (1998)
Comedy, Drama 1h 57m 1998
Truly Human (2001)
Drama, Comedy 1h 30m 2001
Italian For Beginners (2000)
Romance, Comedy, Drama, Dogme 95 1h 34m 2000
Kira's Reason (2001)
Drama, Dogme 95 1h 34m 2001
Minor Mishaps (2002)
Drama, Danish 1h 49m 2002

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