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Grindhouse Releasing Six Pack

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Founded by acclaimed editor Bob Murawski (SPIDERMAN, THE HURT LOCKER) and Sage Stallone, Grindhouse Releasing charted the path where many others have followed - sparing no expense to impeccably restore and revive fascinating genre films, with a heavy lean-in to Italian classics. The pinnacle of their obsession is finding the assets of the never-completed, absolutely-bonkers Duke Mitchell crime film GONE WITH THE POPE. The Grindhouse team logged the original footage, edited the film based on production notes and struck new prints for a theatrical release 34 years after it was shot. Grindhouse Releasing sets the bar for exploitation awesomeness, and we are proud to share a sample of the fruits of their years of tireless obsession.

Content included in this bundle

Gone with the Pope
1h 23m Thriller, Heist 2010
Massacre Mafia Style
1h 19m Crime, Drama 1974
The Beyond
1h 27m Horror 1981
An American Hippie In Israel
1h 35m Action, Comedy 1972
A Cat in the Brain
1h 33m Horror 1990
I Drink Your Blood
1h 23m Horror 1970

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