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Kung Fu

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Old School Kung Fu

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Brawl Busters
1h 23m Martial Arts 1978
Bruce Lee Vs. Superman
1h 24m Action, Cult 1975
The Clones of Bruce Lee
1h 31m Brucesploitation 1980
An Old Kung Fu Master
1h 18m Kung Fu 1980
Master of the Flying Guillotine
1h 21m Action, Martial Arts 1976
Daggers 8
1h 27m Kung Fu 1980
The Damned
1h 23m Kung Fu 1977
Enter the Game of Death
1h 30m Brucesploitation 1978
Duel of the Seven Tigers
1h 30m Kung Fu 1979
The Fatal Flying Guillotines
1h 19m Kung Fu 1977
Fist of Fury 2
1h 44m Kung Fu 1977
Fist of Fury III
1h 31m Kung Fu 1979
Last Fist of Fury
1h 50m Kung Fu 1977
Leg Fighters
1h 30m Kung Fu 1980
Invincible Armour
1h 30m Kung Fu 1977
Method Man
1h 34m Kung Fu 1979
Miami Connection
1h 23m Action, Cult 1987
The Mystery of Chessboxing - with RZA Commentary
1h 30m Action, Kung fu 1979
The Nine Venoms
1h 35m Kung Fu 1984
Return of the Chinese Boxer
1h 33m Kung Fu, Action 1977
Shanghai 13
1h 30m Thriller, Spy 1984
They Call Me Bruce
1h 27m Comedy, Kung Fu 1982

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