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Lunchmeat VHS Six Pack

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Crack open this six pack of VHS-fueled entertainment and take a rewind-radical ride with LUNCHMEAT as your guide! You may know LUNCHMEAT as the most bodacious destination for the appreciation, celebration, and preservation of VHS and Video Store Culture, and they’ve (we’ve) curated a too groovy VHStreaming selection that’ll rewind your mind and turn you on to becoming a total Tapehead!

Offering a heady blend of insight and entertainment, this six-pack invites you to explore the vast cultural impact video rental stores, delve into the strange world of modern day VHS collectors, and scream with queens that that lived the low-budget horror dream! You can also get your brain rearranged while pinballing through an alternate plane, nosh on some low-budget horror comedy anthology obscurity, and rewind back to the terrifying broadcast from one town’s night of legendary Halloween fright!

VHS is alive! REWIND OR DIE!

Content included in this bundle

Adjust Your Tracking
1h 24m Documentary 2013
At The Video Store
1h 19m Documentary 2019
1h 45m Horror 2004
Invasion of the Scream Queens
1h 22m Documentary 1992
1h 25m Science Fiction 1989
WNUF Halloween Special
1h 23m Comedy, Horror 2013

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