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Mickey Reece Six Pack

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Since 2008, Oklahoma filmmaker Mickey Reece has written, directed, and produced over twenty undistributed no-budget feature films, each one a unique experiment in form, genre and aesthetic, and most of which feature the same cast of eccentric actors culled from his local arts community. The Mickey Reece Collection includes five features from this veritable “Flyover Fassbinder’s” prolific filmography, none of which have ever been commercially released until now, as well as Mickey Reece’s Belle Îsle, a brand new documentary short that examines the filmmaker’s early years.

Content included in this bundle

Belle Île
27m Documentary 2020
1h 10m Comedy, Drama 2017
Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
1h 14m Comedy 2019
Strike Dear Mistress and Cure His Heart!
1h 11m Drama, Mystery 2018
1h 10m Drama, Comedy 2015
1h 22m Drama 2014

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