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Mind Melter Six Pack

6 films

Explore the world of the genuinely strange, surreal and unexpected. And we; aren’t talking about the yawn-inducing, austere, haughty brand of surreal. This is a mind-melting roller coaster of bonkers excitement. There’s more where this comes from on Alamo on Demand. Volume 2 coming soon!

Content included in this bundle

The Greasy Strangler (2016)
Comedy, Horror, Cult 1h 33m 2016
I Am a Knife with Legs (2014)
Musical, Comedy, Action 1h 23m 2014
R100 (2013)
comedy, drama 1h 39m 2013
The FP (2011)
Action, Comedy, Drama 1h 22m 2011
Butt Boy (2020)
Comedy, Thriller 1h 39m 2020
Why Don't You Play In Hell? (2013)
Action, Comedy 2h 9m 2013

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