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PUKE AND EXPLODE!!!: An Anti-Human Horror Six Pack

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I know, I know, we all fantasize about annihilating every living thing on this planet. But now — with this carefully curated selection of misanthropic major ragers — we can finally LIVE THE DREAM! This all-nighter is your one-stop shop for increasingly surreal sadistic savagery, from Rabid’s massive spazmo outbreak to the jungle-crawling digital deathlord of Robowar… plus a surprise appearance from Space Jesus! Oh, and don’t worry if you haven’t seen ZOMBIE 1 or 2… ZOMBIE 2 doesn’t even exist!

Content included in this bundle

1h 31m Horror 1977
Ninja Zombie
1h 27m Cult, Feature 1992
1h 32m Horror, Science Fiction 1988
Demon Wind
1h 38m Horror, Cult 1989
Zombie 3
1h 24m Horror, Cult 1988
The Visitor
1h 48m Science Fiction, Cult 1979

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