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The Heroic Trio 2: Executioners
1h 37m Action, Adventure 1993
The Heroic Trio
1h 28m Adventure, Action 1993
My Lucky Stars
1h 36m Action, Martial Arts 1985
1h 28m Fantasy 1977
Virtual Cinema: Coronation
1h 55m Documentary 2020
2h 11m Drama, Thriller 2019
The Host
2h 0m Action, Drama 2007
2h 9m Crime, Drama 2009
Barking Dogs Never Bite
1h 50m Comedy 2000
13 Assassins
2h 21m Action, Adventure 2011
The Assassin
1h 45m Drama, Martial Arts 2015
1h 55m Horror, Drama 1999
Beast Cops
1h 50m Action, Thriller 1998
1h 55m Horror, Thriller 2010
Before We Vanish
2h 9m Science Fiction 2017
Bruce Lee Vs. Superman
1h 24m Action, Cult 1975
Bruce's Deadly Fingers
1h 31m Kung Fu, Brucesploitation 1976
Brawl Busters
1h 23m Martial Arts 1978
2h 28m Drama, Thriller 2019
Call of Heroes
2h 0m Action, Martial Arts 2016
Centipede Horror
1h 31m Cult, Dark Humor 1982
Dead or Alive
1h 45m Action, Crime 1999
Dead or Alive 2: Birds
1h 37m Action, Crime 2000
Dead or Alive: Final
1h 29m Action, Science Fiction 2002
Dragon Inn
1h 51m Kung Fu 1967
Drug War
1h 47m Crime, Drama 2013
Duel of the Seven Tigers
1h 30m Kung Fu 1979
First Love
1h 48m Crime, Drama 2019
Fist of Fury 2
1h 44m Kung Fu 1977
Fist of Fury III
1h 31m Kung Fu 1979
Flash Point
1h 28m Action, Martial Arts 2007
Gamera The Giant Monster
1h 26m Family, Science Fiction 1966
1h 26m Drama, Music 2010
1h 24m Thriller, Action 2012
The Happiness of the Katakuris
1h 53m Comedy, Cult 2001
Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai
2h 6m Samurai, Drama 2005
1h 45m Crime, Action 2011
I Saw the Devil
2h 31m Action, Crime 2010
Invincible Armour
1h 30m Kung Fu 1977
Lady Vengeance
1h 54m Thriller, Drama 2005
Last Fist of Fury
1h 50m Kung Fu 1977
Leg Fighters
1h 30m Kung Fu 1980
The Man From Nowhere
1h 59m Crime, Action 2010
Master of the Flying Guillotine
1h 21m Action, Martial Arts 1976
Method Man
1h 34m Kung Fu 1979
An Old Kung Fu Master
1h 18m Kung Fu 1980
One Missed Call
1h 52m Horror 2003
One Missed Call 2
1h 45m Horror 2005
One Missed Call: Final
1h 49m Horror 2006
1h 44m Drama 2012
Police Story
1h 40m Action, Martial Arts 1985
Police Story II
1h 41m Action, Martial Arts 1988
Return of the Chinese Boxer
1h 33m Kung Fu, Action 1977
1h 39m comedy, drama 2013
1h 55m War, Drama 2019
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance
2h 9m Drama, Thriller 2002
1h 25m Action, Drama 2015
1h 54m Comedy 1985
Taxi Hunter
1h 29m Thriller, Drama 1993
1h 29m Action 2016
Train to Busan
1h 58m Horror, Drama 2016
Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
1h 53m Drama, Foreign 2010
The Wailing
2h 37m Horror 2016
Why Don't You Play In Hell?
2h 9m Action, Comedy 2013
The World of Kanako
1h 58m Drama, Mystery 2014

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