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Babette's Feast
1h 43m Drama 1987
Black Orpheus
1h 47m Drama, Fantasy 1959
Blood and Black Lace
1h 28m Horror, Cult 1965
Dragon Inn
1h 51m Kung Fu 1967
Gamera The Giant Monster
1h 26m Family, Science Fiction 1966
The Gold Rush
1h 22m Comedy, Silent 1925
1h 45m Documentary, Horror 1922
Master of the House
1h 47m Comedy, Drama 1925
Night of the Living Dead
1h 36m Horror 1968
2h 5m Drama 1955
Pandora's Box
2h 13m Drama, Silent 1929
Pelle the Conqueror
2h 37m Drama, Danish 1987
2h 41m Drama 1979
1h 15m Horror, Silent 1932

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