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Angst (1983)
Horror, Cult 1h 27m 1983
Camille 2000 (1969)
Cult, Drama, Erotic, Exploitation 1h 55m 1969
Death Bed: The Bed That Eats (1977)
Cult, Horror 1h 20m 1977
Death Laid an Egg (1968)
Giallo, Horror, Strange 1h 30m 1968
I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse (1973)
Avant-Garde, Cult, Fantasy 1h 30m 1973
In a Glass Cage (1986)
Horror, Thriller, Cult, Drama 1h 50m 1986
Moon Child (1989)
Fantasy, Science Fiction, Avant-Garde 1h 58m 1989
Obsessions (1969)
Thriller, Drama 1h 30m 1969
Score (1972)
Drama, Erotic 1h 32m 1972
Viva La Muerte (1970)
Drama, Cult 1h 30m 1970

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