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Church Of The Damned (1985)
Horror, Cult 1h 9m 1985
Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness (1986)
Horror, Slasher 1h 30m 1986
Abominable (2006)
Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller 1h 34m 2006
Blood and Black Lace (1965)
Horror, Cult 1h 28m 1965
The Color Out of Space (2012)
Science Fiction, Drama, Mystery 1h 26m 2012
Comin' At Ya! (1981)
Western 1h 31m 1981
D.O.A.: A Right of Passage (1980)
Alternative, Punk, Music, Documentary 1h 30m 1980
Forbidden Zone (1982)
Comedy, Fantasy, Musical, Science Fiction, Cult 1h 14m 1982
The Illusionist (2006)
Mystery, Arthouse, History, Drama, Fantasy 1h 43m 2006
The Point (1971)
Family, Animation, Musical, Cult 1h 30m 1971
Rockers (1978)
Music, Reggae, Action 1h 39m 1978
Style Wars (1983)
Documentary, Music, Hip-Hop 1h 9m 1983

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