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1h 25m Horror 1987
1h 45m Horror, Thriller 2010
The Changeling
1h 47m Horror 1980
Dead Kids
1h 27m Horror 1981
Death Warmed Up
1h 18m Horror 1984
The Devil's Honey
1h 22m Horror, Cult 1986
1h 25m Horror 1990
Fulci For Fake
1h 30m Documentary, Drama 2019
1h 45m Adventure, Fantasy 1985
Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau
1h 37m Documentary, Adventure 2014
Next of Kin
1h 29m Cult, Horror 1982
Ozploitation Trailer Explosion
2h 45m ozsploitation 2014
1h 36m Horror, Ozsploitation 1978
The Peanut Butter Solution
1h 33m Cult, Adventure 1985
1h 32m Horror, Science Fiction 1988
Santa Sangre
2h 3m Arthouse, Cult 1989
The Survivor
1h 27m Horror, Exploitation 1981
1h 23m Horror, Cult 1989
1h 33m Horror 1979
Turkey Shoot
1h 33m Action, Science Fiction 1982
Vampyros Lesbos
1h 29m Horror, Cult 1971
Zombie 3
1h 24m Horror, Cult 1988

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