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The Crow
1h 42m Action, Crime 1994
The Host
2h 0m Action, Drama 2007
Black Christmas
1h 38m Horror 1974
Season of the Witch
2h 10m Horror, Cult 1972
1h 44m Horror, Comedy 1985
Train to Busan
1h 58m Horror, Drama 2016
1h 35m Horror 1971
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
1h 29m Comedy, Horror 2010
1h 55m Horror, Drama 1999
Basket Case
1h 31m Horror, Cult 1982
1h 34m Horror 1972
Bird With the Crystal Plumage
1h 38m Giallo, Horror 1970
1h 35m Horror, Alien 1980
Blood Lake
1h 22m Comedy, Dark Humor 1987
Body Melt
1h 23m Horror, Ozsploitation 1993
Brain Damage
1h 26m Horror, Cult 1989
Bride of Re-Animator
1h 36m Horror 1990
Centipede Horror
1h 31m Cult, Dark Humor 1982
The Changeling
1h 47m Horror 1980
City of the Living Dead
1h 33m Horror 1980
The Crazies
1h 40m Horror 1973
Cutting Class
1h 31m Horror 1989
Dark Water
1h 41m Horror, Drama 2002
Death Bed: The Bed That Eats
1h 20m Cult, Horror 1977
1h 28m Horror, Cult 1974
Deep Red
2h 7m Horror, Cult 1975
Death Spa
1h 28m Horror, Cult 1989
Demon Wind
1h 38m Horror, Cult 1989
The Driller Killer
1h 36m Horror, Cult 1979
Edge of the Axe
1h 31m Horror 1988
Evil Ed
1h 33m Horror, Comedy 1995
Evil of Dracula
1h 27m Horror 1974
The Hills Have Eyes
1h 30m Horror, Thriller 1977
Horror Express
1h 31m Horror, Science Fiction 1972
I Saw the Devil
2h 31m Action, Crime 2010
1h 46m Horror, Cult 1980
Lake of Dracula
1h 22m Horror, Mystery 1971
Let the Right One In
1h 55m Drama, Romance 2008
1h 29m Horror 1981
1h 27m Horror, Exploitation 1980
The Mutilator
1h 26m Horror, Exploitation 1984
The Neon Slime Mixtape
1h 12m Alien, Anthology 2019
Ninja Zombie
1h 27m Cult, Feature 1992
One Dark Night
1h 32m Horror 1983
One Missed Call
1h 52m Horror 2003
1h 56m Horror 1985
1h 31m Horror 1977
Raw Meat
1h 27m Horror, Cult 1972
1h 35m Horror 1998
Runaway Nightmare
1h 34m Comedy, Horror 1982
Shock Waves
1h 25m Horror 1977
The Slayer
1h 30m Horror 1982
1h 39m Horror, Cult 1989
The Soultangler
1h 2m Cult, Drugs 1987
1h 25m Horror 1985
1h 30m Horror, Cult 1987
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
1h 23m Horror 1974
1h 23m Horror, Cult 1989
Troll Hunter
1h 53m Drama, Fantasy 2010
The Vampire Doll
1h 25m Horror, Occult 1970
Wicked World
1h 41m Cult, Dark Humor 1991
The Zodiac Killer
1h 27m Crime, Cult 1971
1h 31m Horror, Cult 1980
Zombie 3
1h 24m Horror, Cult 1988

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