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Babette's Feast
1h 43m Drama 1987
Black Orpheus
1h 47m Drama, Fantasy 1959
Blood Simple
1h 35m Noir, Thriller 1984
Breaking the Waves
2h 39m Drama 1996
The Celebration
1h 46m Dark Comedy 1998
1h 32m Thriller 1993
1h 16m Comedy 1966
Day of Wrath
1h 37m Drama 1943
Down By Law
1h 46m Comedy 1986
Dragon Inn
1h 51m Kung Fu 1967
1h 47m Drama, Fantasy 1991
Fantastic Planet
1h 12m Fantasy, Animation 1973
The Gold Rush
1h 22m Comedy, Silent 1925
A Hard Day's Night
1h 23m Music, Documentary 1964
1h 45m Documentary, Horror 1922
The Housemaid
1h 51m Horror, Romance 1960
1h 28m Fantasy 1977
The Lure
1h 32m Fantasy, Drama 2015
Master of the House
1h 47m Comedy, Drama 1925
My Lucky Stars
1h 36m Action, Martial Arts 1985
Mystery Train
1h 50m Comedy, Drama 1989
Night of the Living Dead
1h 36m Horror 1968
2h 5m Drama 1955
Pandora's Box
2h 13m Drama, Silent 1929
The Passion of Joan of Arc
1h 21m Drama, Silent 1928
Phantom Carriage
1h 46m Silent 1921
Police Story
1h 40m Action, Martial Arts 1985
Police Story II
1h 41m Action, Martial Arts 1988
2h 41m Drama 1979
Stranger Than Paradise
1h 29m Drama, Comedy 1984
1h 39m Drama 1989
Time Bandits
1h 50m Fantasy 1981
1h 54m Comedy 1985
1h 15m Horror, Silent 1932

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