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King of New York
1h 43m Crime, Thriller 1990
Come to Daddy
1h 33m Thriller, Black Comedy 2020
Blood Simple
1h 35m Noir, Thriller 1984
The Bloodstained Shadow
1h 49m Thriller, Giallo 1978
1h 53m Fantasy, Drama 2013
Tomato Red: Blood Money
1h 52m Drama, Thriller 2017
The Case of the Bloody Iris
1h 35m Thriller, Mystery 1972
Cheap Thrills
1h 28m Horror, Thriller 2013
1h 32m Thriller 1993
1h 37m Crime, Thriller 1980
Cut Throat City
2h 12m Action, Crime 2020
Dead and Buried
1h 34m Horror, Mystery 1981
1h 37m Drama, Thriller 2009
The Final Countdown
1h 42m Science Fiction, Thriller 1980
1h 42m Action, Thriller 1996
1h 24m Thriller, Action 2012
The Invitation
1h 40m Drama, Mystery 2015
Lady Vengeance
1h 54m Thriller, Drama 2005
Let the Corpses Tan
1h 32m Thriller 2017
A Lizard in a Woman's Skin
1h 35m Thriller, Mystery 1971
Ms. 45
1h 20m Thriller, Cult 1981
Nothing Bad Can Happen
1h 50m Drama 2013
1h 30m Thriller, Drama 1969
Perversion Story
1h 48m Thriller 1969
1h 42m Adventure, Comedy 1981
Shanghai 13
1h 30m Thriller, Spy 1984
A Simple Favor
1h 57m Thriller 2018
Sleep Tight
1h 42m Thriller 2011
Sleepless Night
1h 43m Thriller 2011
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance
2h 9m Drama, Thriller 2002
Terribly Happy
1h 44m Thriller 2008
2h 20m Drama, Action 2015
Wake In Fright
1h 49m Drama, Thriller 1971
We Need to Talk About Kevin
1h 52m Thriller 2012
Why Don't You Just Die!
1h 39m Comedy, Action 2019
The World of Kanako
1h 58m Drama, Mystery 2014

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