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Bird With the Crystal Plumage (1970)
Giallo, Horror 1h 38m 1970
1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)
Action, Science Fiction 1h 32m 1982
Death Laid an Egg (1968)
Giallo, Horror, Strange 1h 30m 1968
The Sword and the Claw (1975)
Action, Adventure 1h 49m 1975
They Call Me Bruce (1982)
Comedy, Kung Fu 1h 27m 1982
The Peanut Butter Solution (1985)
Cult, Adventure, Action, Family 1h 33m 1985
The Happiness of the Katakuris (2001)
Comedy, Cult, Horror, Musical 1h 53m 2001
Gwendoline (1985)
Adventure, Fantasy, Action 1h 45m 1985
Robowar (1988)
Horror, Science Fiction 1h 32m 1988
Alley Cat (1984)
Action, Thriller 1h 22m 1984
Ator: The Fighting Eagle (1982)
Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Cult, Exploitation 1h 38m 1982
Bad Black (2016)
Action, Cult, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Drugs, Indie, Epic, Exploitation, Wakaliwood 1h 9m 2016
The Dark (1979)
Horror, Thriller 1h 31m 1979
Day of the Animals (1977)
Horror, Adventure, Cult, Exploitation 1h 39m 1977
Don't Go in the House (1980)
Horror, Exploitation 1h 29m 1980
Fleshpot on 42nd Street (1973)
Drama, Exploitation 1h 27m 1973
Glen or Glenda (1953)
Cult, Dark Humor, Drama, Feature, Indie, Romance, LGBTQ 1h 5m 1953
Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)
Cult, Science Fiction, Monster, Comedy, Horror 1h 29m 1973
Grizzly (1976)
Horror, Exploitation 1h 31m 1976
The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
Horror, Thriller 1h 30m 1977
Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973)
Horror, Science Fiction 1h 26m 1973
Joysticks (1983)
Comedy, Teen, Cult 1h 27m 1983
Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976)
Action, Martial Arts 1h 21m 1976
Miami Connection (1987)
Action, Cult 1h 23m 1987
Ms. 45 (1981)
Thriller, Cult 1h 20m 1981
The Muthers (1976)
Action 1h 41m 1976
Pit Stop (1969)
Action, Exploitation 1h 31m 1969
Reefer Madness (1936)
Exploitation 1h 8m 1936
Roar (1981)
Adventure, Comedy, Thriller 1h 42m 1981
Scalpel (1977)
Horror 1h 35m 1977
Sister Street Fighter (1974)
Action, Exploitation, Cult 1h 32m 1974
Sweet Sugar (1972)
Action 1h 26m 1972
The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974)
Comedy, Exploitation 1h 31m 1974
Tammy and the T-Rex (1993)
Cult 1h 30m 1993
Vampyros Lesbos (1971)
Horror, Cult, Exploitation 1h 29m 1971
The Violent Years (1956)
Exploitation 57m 1956
The Visitor (1979)
Science Fiction, Cult, Horror 1h 48m 1979
Wake In Fright (1971)
Drama, Thriller 1h 49m 1971
Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010)
Action, Comedy, Crime, Cult, Epic, Exploitation, Feature, Indie, Wakaliwood, War 1h 4m 2010

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