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The Assassin
1h 45m Drama, Martial Arts 2015
1h 55m Horror, Thriller 2010
2h 28m Drama, Thriller 2019
Buster's Mal Heart
1h 36m Drama, Thriller 2017
Call of Heroes
2h 0m Action, Martial Arts 2016
Drug War
1h 47m Crime, Drama 2013
The Endless
1h 52m Horror, Science Fiction 2018
First Love
1h 48m Crime, Drama 2019
Flash Point
1h 28m Action, Martial Arts 2007
Ip Man
1h 47m Drama, Martial Arts 2008
Ip Man 2
1h 48m Drama, Martial Art 2011
Ip Man 3
1h 45m Drama, Martial Arts 2016
Ip Man 4: The Finale
1h 45m Drama, Martial Arts 2019
The Man From Nowhere
1h 59m Crime, Action 2010
Phantasm: Remastered
1h 36m Horror, Sci-Fi 1979
Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead
1h 32m Horror, Sci-Fi 1994
Phantasm IV: Oblivion
1h 30m Horror, Sci-Fi 1998
Phantasm V: Ravager
1h 26m Horror, Sci Fi 2016
1h 55m War, Drama 2019
1h 29m Action 2016
The Wailing
2h 37m Horror 2016
Train to Busan
1h 58m Horror, Drama 2016

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