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A Bullet For the General (1967)
Western, Spaghetti Western 1h 58m 1967
Cemetery Without Crosses (1969)
Western 1h 30m 1969
Comin' At Ya! (1981)
Western 1h 31m 1981
Django Kill…if You Live, Shoot! (1967)
Western, Spaghetti Western 1h 57m 1967
The Four of the Apocalypse (1975)
Western, Thriller 1h 27m 1975
Get Mean (1975)
Western 1h 30m 1975
The Grand Duel (1972)
Western 1h 34m 1972
The Keeping Room (2015)
Drama, Western 1h 35m 2015
Let the Corpses Tan (2017)
Thriller 1h 32m 2017
A Pistol for Ringo (1965)
Western 1h 38m 1965
Sartana's Here... Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin (1970)
Western 1h 33m 1970
Straight to Hell (1987)
Western, Cult, Music 1h 26m 1987

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