• Death, Horror, Comedy
  • 1h 30m

Fantastic Fest’s life-defying clip show returns from the grave with a dazzling onslaught-er of the finest decapitations in the nation!

100 Best Kills dates back to the earliest days of FF, a cornerstone of the fest’s grand tradition of lowbrow pandemonium. In previous years, we’ve focused our knee-slapping man-reaping sights on everything from vehicular mayhem to gut-busting infanticide. But it’s an undeniable fact that there’s nothing as reliably comforting as a severed and/or exploding head.

Now, long overdue, our devoted Kills squad has put their own severed and/or exploding heads together to craft an execution-style experience in meat-n’-potatoes misanthropy that ensures we’ll beheading — oops — BE HEADING for a straight-up mega-decapathlon of unrivaled anti-human entertainment.


Zack Carlson


Bret Berg


Laird Jimenez

Bonus Content

27 mins
Preshow and bumpers

Classic Alamo preshow, FF logo, bumpers, classic Don’t Talk, Alamo-at-Home Quiet Zone