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100 BEST KILLS: Vehi-Kills Live! Watch Party

2h 0m Live Event 2020

Fantastic Fest's most idiotic tradition: 100 Best Kills! The theme, man vs. machine. Spoiler: MACHINES WIN!

This is a live Watch Party on October 29th, 2020 at 9:00 pm CT presented by the great minds of Fantastic Fest.

Buy your ticket now and meet us in our Virtual Scener Theater at 9:00 pm CT.

The triumphant return of Fantastic Fest’s most idiotic tradition: 100 Best Kills!

The theme, man vs. machine. Spoiler: MACHINES WIN! I mean, they’re made of metal and they don’t care when you cut them! Nevertheless, humans continually insist on proving their soft-shelled inferiority, and we’ve got the clips to prove it! We’re revving up a rampaging roster of cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, rockets, tractors and major construction vehicles, all with an unquenchable thirst for total annihilation!

Hosts Zack Carlson and Pig the Cat bring you the most eye socket exploding entertainment live from their home into yours. This will be one for the books! Also, this is a live recording so viewing will be restricted to the actual event.

NOTE: All clips in this show are from narrative films. No actual tragedy. We may be stupid, but we’re not stupid!

powered by ScenerHow the “Virtual Theater” works:

  1. To buy your ticket, click the “Rent $9.99” yellow button above.

  2. Go to in your Chrome browser and follow directions to “Get Scener” and add the Scener extension

  3. You will get an email before the show inviting you to Our Virtual Alamo Drafthouse Theater at 9:00 pm CT on 10.29.2020. Click “Join Party” to jump into the theater.

  4. To save time, we recommend logging in to Alamo On Demand prior to showtime and then sit back, relax, and enjoy our theater experience at home!


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Preshow and bumpers


Classic Alamo preshow, Alamo logo, classic Don’t Talk



another classic Alamo preshow to run after the main feature

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