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1990: The Bronx Warriors

1h 32m Action, Science Fiction 1982

In the ravaged wasteland of New York, dangerous gangs battle for supremacy in this Italian answer to ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and THE WARRIORS.

In the ravaged wasteland that used to be the Bronx, dangerous gangs polish their roller skates, fluff their shoulderpads, don their top hats and apply face-paint before hitting the streets… to battle. This cartoonish vision could only come from Italy where the merging of THE WARRIORS and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK means not just hyper-violent post-apocalyptic action, but also outrageous costumes and weapons. If you want to see motorcycles with glowing skulls between the handlebars, or Fred “The Hammer” Williamson as a post apocalyptic pimp, or a gang of rollerskating hockey players, then this movie has you covered. Like some long lost Sega Genesis brawling game, characters with names like Trash, Hotdog, and Ogre duke it out in back alleys of New York City in this early entry into the wave of post-apocalyptic trash that came spewing out after the success of ROAD WARRIOR and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. 1990 was never this fun!







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