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A Cat in the Brain (1990)

Horror 1h 33m 1990

“One of the most deranged films in the Italian horror canon.” - Mondo Digital

Known as the “godafther of gore,” Italian director Lucio Fulci tended to fill his movies with insane killings and a lot of phenomenally gory practical effects that still leave a mark on today’s audiences. A CAT IN THE BRAIN, one of his last films, is no exception.

The feature, in which Fulci basically plays himself, tells the story of a film director who has visions of brutal murders and slowly begins to lose his sanity as he questions whether or not these visions are real… and worst of all, whether or not he actually committed them.

It’s a marvelously crazy project that combines elements of _grand guignol _ horror with a self-reflexive narrative, in which Fulci directly addresses what his work is about. Also, it’s gorier than the next 200 splatter films you’ll see… combined!


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