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A Lizard in a Woman's Skin

1h 35m Thriller, Mystery, Horror 1971

A psychodrama murder mystery thriller cult classic fueled by LSD, psychoanalysis, and extremely gory dream sequences. Delightfully Fulci.

“Thematically the closest Fulci got to his peer Argento. Colorful and wild, with orgies, LSD freakouts and painting-by-knife-throwing. The visuals are Fulci’s most impressive.” - Screen Slate

Carol Hammond is the frustrated wife of a successful London lawyer. Lately, she’s been having bizarre, erotic dreams about her uninhibited neighbor Julia, who presides over noisy sex-and-drug parties in the house next door.

One night, Carol’s dreams culminate in violent death and she wakes to find her nightmares have become reality — Julia’s been murdered and Carol’s the main suspect. This frightening discovery is just the beginning of a labyrinthine psychosexual shocker which takes the viewer on a wild ride through a series of frequently breathtaking set pieces that set new standards for the Italian thriller.

A LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN is considered by many critics to be Fulci’s finest achievement. This new transfer from Mondo Macabro was taken from the original negative and is the longest uncut version available.


Lucio Fulci






Mondo Macabro

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