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A Second Chance

1h 42m Thriller, Denmark 2014

Just how far would a parent go to get a second chance?

“Together, Bier and Jensen totally devastate us. This is what they do.” - La Movie Boeuf

“A Second Chance manages to pose a shocking moral quandary without falling into an academic exercise.” - Film Inquiry

Andreas and Simon are both police officers and best friends. They both lead very different lives. Andreas is in a loving marriage with his beautiful wife and their newborn. Simon is divorced and often spends his free nights getting drunk in seedy city bars. One morning they respond to a call from a neighbor to a violent domestic dispute. Arriving at the home of a couple of heroin addicts, Andreas discovers a severely neglected baby in a closet. A young father himself, the case becomes a traumatic experience and will have dramatic and unexpected repercussions in his private life.

Susanne Bier teams with her frequent writing collaborator Anders Thomas Jensen to weave a dark and unexpected, tension-fueled journey where expectations are subverted and moral lapses have grim consequences.


Anders Thomas Jensen


Susanne Bier


Susanne Bier






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