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A Serial Killer's Guide to Life

1h 21m Horror, Comedy 2019

A self-help addict unwittingly finds herself on a killing spree with her unhinged life coach.

“A bone-dry dark horror-comedy, A SERIAL KILLER’S GUIDE TO LIFE is I HEART HUCKABEES meets AMERICAN PSYCHO by way of THELMA AND LOUISE.” - Film Threat

_“…One of the best dark comedies to come out of the British Isles in years.” _- Medium

Say hello to Louise Farnt. She’s lost in life and a total self help addict. But when she’s taken by personal guru wannabe (and borderline psychotic) Val Stone, she finds herself on an unwitting killing spree of violent self-discovery. This pitch-black ride through the sunny side of bloodthirsty psychosis was written and directed by award-winning shorts filmmaker Staten Cousins-Roe, with cinematographer James Layton (Downton Abbey).




United Kingdom


Arrow Films

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