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1h 24m Documentary 2013

A bizarre-but-true exploration of the feverishly unique universe of 21st century VHS collectors.

They all thought VHS was dead… They were dead wrong!

This feature-length documentary explores the incredible cult of video fiends who are keeping this magnetic medium alive in the wake of digital takeover. These “Tapeheads” and “Videovores” gather tapes by the thousands, relentlessly scouring countless flea markets, thrift stores and the deepest corners of the internet to uncover wild, weird and super-rare video tapes.

Some of these fanatics are known to pay four figures for a single tape! But why? What’s the fuel behind this passion? Why is this distinct group of collectors still so rabid to press rewind? The makers of this documentary delve deep into the collective VHS community. This is their terrifying discovery!

“…An interesting and engaging look at a subculture most people have no idea exists.” –

**NOTE!: **This title was curated by the rewind-inclined minds at LUNCHMEAT, the most bodacious destination for the appreciation, celebration, and preservation of VHS and video store culture.


Dan M. Kinem


Levi Peretic




United States


Lunchmeat VHS

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