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Alien (2017)

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy 1h 10m 2017

A mythic portrait of Elvis Presley (Jacob Snovel) and those in his orbit — particularly his wife Priscilla (Cate Jones) — during the weeks that led to his television comeback special in 1968. Haunted by surreal visions and ridden with self-doubt, the listless King of Rock ‘n Roll quarrels with his management, friends and family on the Graceland estate before a sudden tabloid claim of a bastard son sends him on an existential road trip.

From there, writer/director Mickey Reece conjures an entrancing journey that ruminates on the enigma of celebrity, the profundity of progeny, and the anxieties of art, while Joe Cappa’s stark black and white cinematography envelops the outstanding ensemble cast in a dreamlike glow that is unlike any Elvis flick you’ve ever encountered.


Mickey Reece




United States


Mickey Reece

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