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Amélie (2001)

Comedy, Romance 2h 2m 2001


I wish I knew more French, but I don’t, so instead I’ll force myself to describe my passion for this film in plain old boring English. The first time I saw AMÉLIE, it immediately changed all of my life goals. Who cares about things like “career advancement” and “saving for retirement” when you could be a waitress in Paris and spend your days improving people’s lives through the power of whimsicality?

In fact, if I didn’t love AMÉLIE so much, I would kind of hate it because WHY CAN’T I BE HER?!!! She’s so, so pretty, and she lives in the most charming apartment, and she’s super good at pranks and she even solved a mystery that led her to TRUE LOVE.

Amélie, is, in a word, my hero. And we can all pretend to be her for one magical evening. Feel free to bring along your favorite garden gnome as we journey together into Amélie’s fantastical, romantical, absolutely wonderful world. As the French would say, LE SIGH. (Sarah Pitre)


French, Russian, English




France, Germany

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