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ANNY - Program 1

1h 40m Animation, Short Film 2021

Animation Nights New York (ANNY) presents the 5th ANNY Best of Fest Film Winners | Program 1 (Seasons 5 & 6)

Animation Nights New York, in partnership with Alamo on Demand, is proud to announce its 5th ANNY Best of Fest, which will run ONLINE, Saturday, Nov 13th through Saturday, Nov 20th.

Only available to view between Nov. 13th-20th, 2021 HERE


EGG. Martina SCARPELLI. France, 12:07.
PANTA RHEI. Wouter Bongaerts. Belgium, 10:14.
ALMOST THERE. Nelly Michenaud. United Kingdom, 08:44.
MOUSE. Noah Mauchly. United States, 19:41.
LINES OF OBLIVION. Paola Cubillos. Belgium, 04:03.


GENIUS LOCI. Adrien Mérigeau. France, 16:20.
ALEF B’TAMUZ. Yael Reisfeld. Israel, 05:58.
OOZE. Kilian Vilim. Switzerland, 05:29.
THE MAN IN THE BOX. Ale Borges, Alvaro Furloni, Guilherme Gehr. Brazil, 19:17.



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