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Arrows of Outrageous Fortune (2019)

Comedy 1h 14m 2019

After Henry (Alex Sanchez) reluctantly pays a visit to the deathbed of his wealthy and estranged father George Arrow (Ben Hall), he’s unexpectedly bequeathed with an inheritance that places him within the envious crosshairs of his opportunistic extended Arrow clan. Navigating a parade of eccentric personalities, including his entitled stepmother (Mary Buss), his father’s emotionally turbulent mistress (Cate Jones), and even an apathetic pizza delivery man, Henry must learn to reconcile his lineage if he’s to have any hope of forging his own path.

Conceived by director Mickey Reece as a creative sandbox for its charismatic ensemble cast to play in, and shot over a single week with natural lightning, ARROWS OF OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE is a wildly entertaining sardonic farce that skirts Shakespearean sensibilities as it breezily barrels towards its unpredictable and… well… outrageous finale.


Mickey Reece


Mickey Reece




United States


Divide / Conquer

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