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Audition (1999)

Horror, Drama 1h 55m 1999

One of the most infamous, impactful, and gut-wrenching Japanese horror films ever made, Takashi Miike’s AUDITION is a nerve-shredding exploration of male fears and the stereotype of submissive Japanese women.

Recent widower (and movie producer) Shigeharu Aoyama is looking for a new wife. But instead of going the usual route, he decides to hold “auditions” for a movie that doesn’t exist. Shigeharu quickly becomes enchanted with Asami, a spooky twenty-something who is responsive to his charms. But things aren’t what they seem.

AUDITION was the turn-of-the-millenium flash point that signaled the talent of Miike (ICHI THE KILLER, 13 ASSASSINS). Shocking audiences worldwide with its white-knuckle finale and ingenious slow-burn build-up, AUDITION was responsible for creating a fresh new wave of Asian horror.

Content warning: This movie contains scenes of intense physical abuse and brief scenes of physical child abuse.


Takashi Miike


Daisuke Tengan


Ryû Murakami








Arrow Films

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