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Austenland (2013)

Comedy, Romance 1h 37m 2013

It’s impossible not to read a Jane Austen novel without fervently wishing that you could crawl inside of it. Sure, there’s the pesky lack of women’s rights and indoor plumbing, but the fancy balls! The brooding gentlemen! The poverty that doesn’t seem that bad, because the family can still afford to keep a cook!

So when Jane Hayes (Keri Russell) books a trip to Austenland, a modern day “immersive experience” of refined etiquette, period clothing and dashing men, it seems like she’s living the dream. But it only takes a few minutes in a corset for her to realize that her literary dreams lose something in the translation to reality. Charmed by a lowly servant (Bret McKenzie) and intrigued by the furrowed brow of Mr. Henry Nobley (JJ Feild), Jane finds herself stuck in a classic Austen scenario, but she won’t get her happy ending unless she makes a few modern updates.


Jerusha Hess






United Kingdom, United States

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