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AV Geeks: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

1h 22m Documentary, Music 2020

Join A/V Geeks and explore cautionary tales of teens going wild in 16mm educational films

Join the A/V Geeks 16mm film archive as they explore the cautionary tales of teens going wild. First, we see how Legos are like drugs in “Drugs Are Like That (1970)” then a young girl’s descent into the moral abyss thanks to pills in “Seduction of the Innocent (1966)”. Next, we learn about the dangers of premarital sex in “If You Want To Dance(1985)” and a surprisingly progressive talk about protection in “Condoms: A Responsible Option (1987)”. And finally, we hear about the demonic pied piper that lures young people into sex and drugs in the amazing “Youth Suicide Fantasy (1984)”. Do these films make the behavior they portray less appealing to kids or are they really just making it all much more inviting?


Skip Elsheimer




United States


AV Geeks

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