Babylon (1980)

  • Music, Cult, Drama
  • 1h 35m

“A new restoration of this 1980 British cult classic makes plain that its themes of disaffection and racial discord in south London are still relevant nearly four decades later.” - Chicago Reader

“Assertive and ebullient, BABYLON is as alive as a movie can be to the everyday mesh of liberating art, humorous camaraderie and hazardous political reality.” - LA Times

“Powerful and shocking, BABYLON is possibly one of the most important films you’ll see this year.” - Black Girl Nerds

Franco Rosso’s incendiary BABYLON had its world premiere at Cannes in 1980 but went unreleased in the U.S. for “being too controversial, and likely to incite racial tension” (Vivien Goldman, Time Out).

Raw and smoldering, BABYLON follows a young dancehall DJ (Brinsley Forde, frontman of landmark British reggae group Aswad) in South London as he pursues his musical ambitions, battling fiercely against the racism and xenophobia of employers, neighbors, police, and the National Front. Written by Martin Stellman (QUADROPHENIA) and shot by two-time Oscar® winner Chris Menges (THE KILLING FIELDS) with beautifully smoky cinematography that has been compared to TAXI DRIVER, BABYLON is fearless and unsentimental, yet tempered by the hazy bliss of the dancehall set to a blistering reggae and “lovers rock” soundtrack featuring Aswad, Johnny Clarke, Dennis Bovell, and more.

You’ve seen THE HARDER THEY COME, maybe you’ve seen ROCKERS, but you’ve never seen anything like BABYLON.


Franco Rosso





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