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Beast Beast (2021)

Drama 1h 25m 2021

Like many young people, Krista (Shirley Chen), Adam (Will Madden) and Nito (Jose Angeles) are looking for attention.

BEAST BEAST is a fascinating, kinetic look at how they end up getting it – and the price they pay for it. Writer-director Danny Madden has created a vivid portrait of modern teens, who often juggle multiple personas in their real and online lives. Krista is a bright-eyed, effervescent theater kid, who relishes the chance to take the stage. Krista’s neighbor, Adam, has ambitions to become a YouTube superstar with his “Prime Shooter” video series that showcases his love of gun culture. Meanwhile, Nito is an easy-going free spirit trying to find a place where he fits in. Over time, their lives and dreams will collide in startling ways they couldn’t have imagined as a brutal twist of fate rearranges their world. In the same way that REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, FOXES, KIDS and TRAINSPOTTING spoke to earlier generations, BEAST BEAST captures the pulse of teen life in the 2020s, where anybody can be a star, it’s easier to get online than to make a personal connection with someone and, as always, parents just don’t understand.

  • James Sanford

All three young actors who play the leads deliver solid performances that make them effortless tour guides through their intersecting stories.” - Beandrea July, Hollywood Reporter


Danny Madden






Vanishing Angle

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