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Big Fan (2009)

Comedy, Drama 1h 28m 2009

“Patton Oswalt triumphantly nails every comic and dramatic nuance.” - Rolling Stone

Comedian Patton Oswalt gives a stellar dramatic performance in this dark comedy, the directorial debut of THE WRESTLER screenwriter Robert Siegel.

Paul Aufiero is a parking garage attendant who lives with his mother on Staten Island. He doesn’t mind his sad sack life because of his one true obsession: He is the self-described “world’s biggest Giants fan.” But his life takes a strange turn one night when he is out with a friend and catches sight of Quantrell Bishop, one of the Giants’ star players. The two friends decide to follow him, but when Aufiero finally works up the nerve to approach Bishop, the meeting doesn’t go as expected. The hardcore fan finds himself forced to re-evaluate his allegiance and his world.









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