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Black Bodies (2018)

Documentary 1h 22m 2018

Racism hurts. Racism kills. In Black Bodies, 16 Black people talk candidly about the devastating impacts of racism. This debut documentary, directed by Austinite Charlotte Moore, is a raw, bare-bones, no-frills exploration into what it means to exist in the world as a Black person today.

“Black Bodies is so important to see … it allows viewers a greater understanding of what it’s like to be Black…”—Austin Monthly Magazine

“I really was struck by the idea of how racism hinders a person developing their own autonomy — to be themselves and move through life as they want. I have always looked at racism from the top down, as it were — systematic oppression. But, never from the perspective of how it saddles, prevents, and undermines a person growing and developing as s/he wants. This really personal context comes across in the interviews.” — Jim Harrington, Texas Civil Rights Project Founder and Director Emeritus

“Black Bodies is a prescient documentary for our current times; a revealing and thought-provoking collection of Black voices speaking their truths that must be heard and absorbed by America’s white spaces.” —Michelle Manning-Scott, KOOP Radio


Charlotte Moore




United States


Moore Media

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