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Black Christmas

1h 38m Horror 1974

A timeless, terrifying and demented holiday tradition.

“The film stands as the mother of the modern slasher. It was able to make its own rules, and subsequently created a template for the films that came after.” - Jourdain Searles, Thrillist

One part frosty Xmas atmosphere, one part stalk ‘n’ slash magnificence and all parts awesome, BLACK CHRISTMAS is a timeless, terrifying and demented holiday tradition. Years before he crafted the ultimate comedic yuletime experience A CHRISTMAS STORY, genre pioneer Bob Clark gave us one of the most influential Hitchcockian slashers of all time. BLACK CHRISTMAS gets everything right.

When sorority sisters Olivia Hussey (ROMEO & JULIET ’68), Margot Kidder (SUPERMAN) and Andrea Martin (SCTV) are under attack from a vicious potty-mouthed killer, it’s up to police chief John Saxon to even the odds. But what about Keir Dullea (2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY), the brooding art-school pianist? Could he have something to do with the Xmas rampage?


Bob Clark


Roy Moore






Shout! Factory

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Alamo Experience Preshow - BLACK CHRISTMAS


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