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Black Sunday (1960)

Horror 1h 27m 1960

Nothing on earth is as beautiful as Mario Bava’s BLACK SUNDAY. Set in an isolated crypt that feels like it’s located halfway between David Lynch’s subconscious and Salvador Dalí’s nightmares, this is the story of a witch (Barbara Steele), her curse, and the satanic vampires who unleash her vengeful fury.

Lush and mesmerizing, BLACK SUNDAY was the first movie to solidify Bava’s patented onslaught of gorgeous design, hair-raising doom, and sensory overload. Every frame feels like a painting, and every second is another chance to be grateful for being engulfed in this gothic void. Especially with the ghostly presence of the incomparable Barbara Steele to hold our hands. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

“Delighting in mood and visual heft, BLACK SUNDAY solidifies Bava’s appetites as a filmmaker and secures his gifts with atmosphere, bringing out eerie events with an eye toward disquiet and menace, attaining a sense of dread while sticking to era-specific demands of action and impassioned performances.” -


Mario Bava






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