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Body Melt (1993)

Horror, Ozsploitation, Cult 1h 23m 1993

Residents of the placid suburban cul-de-sac of Pebbles Court have started receiving unexpected samples of a new and experimental vitamin, manufactured by a strange health spa named Vimuville. However, shortly after adding the mysterious green powder to their diets, users begin to experience strange and increasingly macabre visions, and worse, their bodies start to mutate, ooze, and eventually melt! As visits from the coroner to the sleepy street become a nearly daily experience, Detective Sam Phillips becomes increasingly suspicious of the goings-on at Vimuville, but will he be able to uncover its diabolical motives before the whole of Australia is subjected to BODY MELT?

Writer/director/composer Philip Brophy’s notorious slime-filled cult classic BODY MELT remains one of the last great Ozploitation films. Packed with gross-out gore effects, biting black comedy, and a throbbing techno-esque score,

“Melds the satire of early Cronenberg with the splatstick approach of early Peter Jackson…” - Oh, The Horror


Philip Brophy


Philip Brophy


Rod Bishop






Vinegar Syndrome

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