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Brawl Busters (1978)

Martial Arts 1h 23m 1978

“The feature begins with the incredible opening titles ‘The Chinese Black Belt Society and Extraordinary Films Presents Black Belt Chan in THE BRAWL BUSTERS.’ Cut to the movie, actually from South Korea, and then back to the opening titles for a few extraneous frames. Oops!

Whomever Black Belt Chan might be, the story in fact revolves around a female protagonist, Kow Ling-Yen, seeking revenge from four cackling, scenery-chewing bad guys who murdered her parents when she was a baby. Accompanied by four female helpers, Kow Ling-Yen has the kung fu moves and, particularly admired by this reviewer, a deadly weapon that resembles an unleashed fury of toilet paper. When the villains gain the upper hand, a roguish, never-named warrior in the grizzled, unkempt Toshiro Mifune YOJIMBO mold turns up. Maybe he’s supposed to be Black Belt Chan…” - Stuart Galbraith IV, DVD Talk


Jeong-yong Kim


English (dubbed)


South Korea



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