Call of Heroes (2016)

  • Action, Martial Arts, Crime
  • 2h 0m

Fantastic Fest 2016 Official Selection

“Sergio Leone’s specter looms large over CALL OF HEROES, a film oozing nihilist violence on par with the bloodiest scenes in any of those spaghetti Westerns that have long informed Hong Kong’s wuxia cinema.” - Clarence Tsui, Hollywood Reporter

Legendary action director Sammo Hung (IP MAN) and award-winning director Benny Chan (SHAOLIN) lead a star-studded lineup in CALL OF HEROES, with Louis Koo (DRUG WAR), Eddie Peng (RISE OF THE LEGEND), and Wu Jing (KILL ZONE 2).

Koo stars as Cao Shaolun, the spoiled son of a powerful general who has grown into a vicious and depraved warlord. When Cao is imprisoned for a triple murder, his father threatens to kill everyone in town if his son isn’t released. But injustice cannot go unanswered, and the villagers prepare for the repercussions of punishing a guilty man.


Benny Chan


Mandarin, Cantonese




Hong Kong, China


Well Go USA

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