Centipede Horror (1982)

  • Cult, Dark Humor, Exploitation, Fantasy, Feature, Horror, Occult, Supernatural, Thriller
  • 1h 31m

“The things that actress Margaret Lee did for her role in this movie … now THAT is dedication to your craft.” — Hollie Horror, LETTERBOXD

After his sister dies under mysterious circumstances while on vacation, Wai Lun decides to take matters into his own hands. Soon enough, he discovers a family curse, battling wizards, and centipedes — lots and lots of centipedes.

Written by Suet Ming Chan (making this one of the only Hong Kong Category III horror movies written by a woman) and filled with creepy crawlies, melodrama, evil spirits, a very cute dog, and insect-barfing, CENTIPEDE HORROR is a true discovery for adventurous horror-fiends. Never released legitimately on home video in the U.S., AGFA is proud to present a new 2K preservation from the only 35mm film print in existence!


Keith Li





Bonus Content

3 mins
Intro from Joe Ziemba (AGFA, Bleeding Skull, Terror Tuesday programmer)

Joe Ziemba, director of the American Genre Film Archive, co-founder of Bleeding Skull and programmer/host of Terror Tuesday in Austin, Texas provides an appreciation of and some background on Category III movies and the writer of Centipede Horror.

15 mins
Alamo Experience Preshow - Centipede Horror

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