Centipede Horror (1982)

  • Cult, Dark Humor, Exploitation, Fantasy, Feature, Horror, Occult, Supernatural, Thriller
  • 1h 31m

“The things that actress Margaret Lee did for her role in this movie … now THAT is dedication to your craft.” — Hollie Horror, LETTERBOXD

After his sister dies under mysterious circumstances while on vacation, Wai Lun decides to take matters into his own hands. Soon enough, he discovers a family curse, battling wizards, and centipedes — lots and lots of centipedes.

Written by Suet Ming Chan (making this one of the only Hong Kong Category III horror movies written by a woman) and filled with creepy crawlies, melodrama, evil spirits, a very cute dog, and insect-barfing, CENTIPEDE HORROR is a true discovery for adventurous horror-fiends. Never released legitimately on home video in the U.S., AGFA is proud to present a new 2K preservation from the only 35mm film print in existence!


Keith Li






Hong Kong



Bonus Content

Intro from Joe Ziemba (AGFA, Bleeding Skull, Terror Tuesday programmer)

Joe Ziemba, director of the American Genre Film Archive, co-founder of Bleeding Skull and programmer/host of Terror Tuesday in Austin, Texas provides an appreciation of and some background on Category III movies and the writer of Centipede Horror.

Alamo Experience Preshow - Centipede Horror

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