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Cold Sweat

1h 20m Horror 2010

Roman expects to find his girlfriend in the arms of another man but finds her slathered in nitro-glycerine in the basement of crazy anarchists

When Roman’s girlfriend disappears he expects to find her in the arms of another man. And find her he does but there is no lover on the scene, only a pair of crazy old men keeping her locked away in the basement of their crumbling mansion. Armed with wild-eyed political ideals and case after case of decades-old and highly unstable explosives. The villainous duo are conducting illicit experiments on a string of young women lured to their home via the internet and if Roman cannot free his young love she is likely to end up in pieces, thanks in part to a generous slathering of nitro-glycerine.

A delirious old school horror picture with the most memorable villains in years at its core, Adrián García Bogliano’s COLD SWEAT was a huge hit at SXFantastic (a collaboration between Fantastic Fest and SXSW) thanks to its creators wild imagination and sense of showmanship. Loaded with memorable characters and stylish action, COLD SWEAT is a shocker that never fails to entertain.









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