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CreepTales (2004)

Horror 1h 45m 2004

What do you do when your local video store is closed? Get down to the cemetery and dig up your favorite VHS out of your dead uncle’s grave, of corpse! On Halloween night, two goofy ghouls get six feet down with graverobbing to get their grubby hands on a copy of CREEPTALES and throw a grossly bodacious movie party with their monster pals! And you’re invited! Just don’t forget the pizza, or they’ll eat YOU instead!

Serving up a lumpy but lovable pile of campy horror-comedy anthology obscurity, CREEPTALES collects six stories oozing with low-budget charm that’ll whack you in the funny bone with the wrong side of a meat cleaver! See one of the first film appearances of Tom Kenny (the voice of Spongebob Squarepants) as a purse-snatching punk, party with the time-stuck radioactive undead, avoid a wily, throat-ripping werewolf, and get sucked in to a sordid segment from Rod Slane (BLOOD CULT; FOREVER EVIL) about a vacuum cleaner from Hell.

WARNING: Consuming CREEPTALES may mutate you into a total couch potato monster!

“…Definitely worth a watch if you have an appreciation for the low-budget, SOV brand of horror films.” –

**NOTE!: **This title was curated by the rewind-inclined minds at LUNCHMEAT, the most bodacious destination for the appreciation, celebration, and preservation of VHS and video store culture.


Tim Boxell


Stephen Hegyes


Ken Mandel


Greg Middleton


Roger Nygard


James Salisbury


Rod Slane






Silver Creek Pictures

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