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Cub (2014)

Adventure, Horror 1h 25m 2014

This dark, bloody, imaginative fairy tale about a camping trip that turns into deadly carnage draws on such influences as LORD OF THE RINGS, FRIDAY THE 13th and THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE. The story follows 12-year-old outcast Sam who, along with his troop of cub scouts and their teenage supervisors, camp in woods rumored to house a mysterious and deadly werewolf. Inquisitive Sam, certain the woods are inhibited by something evil, soon stumbles upon a feral young boy and, eventually, his evil psychopathic mentor. But convincing the others of the danger falls on deaf ears, and soon ingenious traps begin to take their violent toll on the group. A wildly entertaining “killer in the woods” actioner.

_“Similar in tone to LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, it starts slowly and builds into a fantastical and creepy look at childhood.” _- FilmINK


Dutch, French, Flemish





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